Chef Sandy Phone: (434) 760-3777

Chef Danny Phone: (434) 394-8212



600 Concord Avenue

Charlottesville, VA 22903

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When do I need to have my order in by?

We need all orders in by midnight on Thursdays.

What would I do if I had a problem with my order or delivery?

Please contact Chef Danny at (434) 394-8212 or We want you to have the best experience and want your feedback.

How long are the meals good for?

In general, our meals are good for 5-7 days after delivery. However, salads & seafood have a shorter shelf life. The meal containers will feature a “best by” date. To ensure freshness, we recommend storing at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below within 2 hours after pickup.

How big are the meals?

All our meals contain 5 ounces of protein with the amount of veggies varying. We have created meals designed to fill you up & firmly believe that food should be fresh, healthy, and exciting.